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Spring Maintenance Tips: Basement Flooding Prevention in Spring

The local sewer and drain systems in and around Winnipeg often have difficulty keeping up with the heavy rainfall and melting snow that occurs every spring. Homeowners in residential areas frequently pay the price of the local infrastructure’s shortcoming by way of flooding in their basements. When excess water has nowhere to go, the result is often backflow through basement floor drains.

Why a Sump Pump May Be Your Best Protection from Basement Flooding

Weeping tiles are foundation drains that gather rainfall and snowmelt and then carry it through to the city sewer system. In order to prevent flooding in your home during these times of excessive water inundating the system, it’s wise to redirect water away from the weeping tile. Sump pits and their subsequent components — sump pumps and discharge pipes — are a really great solution for homes that are susceptible to basement flooding. They function by collecting water that gathers in weeping tiles and redirecting it into your backyard or other area via a discharge pipe. This means that sewage under your home is not overwhelmed by water entering the system by way of your foundation drain.

Your Second Defense Against Basement Flood

If the local sewer and drain system in Winnipeg is overburdened, your sump pump alone may not be enough to prevent sewage from backing up into your home. That’s why a backwater valve often accompanies a sump pit system. The backwater valve is a device that automatically blocks sewage from coming into your home. It’s triggered in the event of backflow, in which case it prevents the city sewer from accessing the line into your home.

Proper Installation of Sump Pits and Backwater Valves

It’s critical to have sump pits and backwater valves put in correctly. Improper installation can result in sewage coming up through other drains in your home such as toilets and sinks, and otherwise fail to function properly. At Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain we have nearly 30 years of experience performing residential and commercial repair and installation on sewer and drain devices, including many sump pits and backwater valves. Lynn’s is your best choice in the Winnipeg area for all flood prevention plumbing.

Other Measures that Help Prevent Flooding

Redirecting water away from your home as much as possible is a prudent measure to take in protecting your home from basement flooding. Here are some additional steps you can take to achieve this end.
  • Keep downspouts and eavestroughs clear of debris

  • Direct downspouts away from weeping tiles and into your backyard

  • Seal any cracks in the foundation and around basement windows

  • Re-grade your lot so it slopes outwards and away from your home

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